This screenname is a joke. (heresy13) wrote,
This screenname is a joke.

Let the slow erosion of my social skills and faith in my artistic ability begin!

I have physics, despite the fact that I passed it in middle school and again in freshman year, and that I haven't yet taken chemistry. I have pre-calculus, despite the fact that I despise math class and don't need another math credit. I have arts and culture, despite the fact that I'm already taking art history. I have lunch at 9:00 in the morning. The only thing on my schedule that makes sense is my english class, which is already headed for disaster because I didn't finish An American Tragedy for various mostly embarrasing reasons. On the upside, at least they installed a new version of windows on these computers and got rid of all the viruses so at least they all boot up properly now.

Ok. Rant-y storm-cloud spouting over.
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