This screenname is a joke. (heresy13) wrote,
This screenname is a joke.

Wish List

alt 395 pounds.

alt 325 pounds.

alt For the overskirt, 99 pounds.

alt We're looking at the corset... 169 pounds.

alt Fucking gorgeous, unique corset... 345 pounds.

alt The necklace is 30 pounds. The corset is gorgeous, but would not look good on me.

So that's... 1,007 pounds, which comes to 1,841.99 US dollars. Only almost every dollar to my name.

On the sort-of cheaper side,

alt Buy it now price is only 64 dollars. And it's purdy! But probably too small...

alt twelve bucks.

alt $58.

This is why I should never be idle for too long... like some people eat out of boredom, I online-window-shop out of boredom, and I think that if it lasts too long, my finger will slip and click the "add to cart" button... And next thing you know I'll be penniless... Gorgeously dressed, but penniless.
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